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One of your first steps to finding that perfect charter yacht for your holiday in Croatia might be browsing our extensive range of various yacht models, such as sailing yachts, catamarans, gulets, motor yachts and motor cruises.Once you find the type of yacht most suited to your holiday preferences, the next step would be to check if the preferred yacht model is available.

The best way to do that is by filling a contact form or a booking form, which can be found in details of every vessel .However, you should bear in mind that a charter inquiry should contain as much information as possible such as an exact date of the charter period, a number of passengers on board, a number of cabins you would prefer on the yacht, port of arrival and departure, etc.

It can also be useful for us to know whether you are interested in bareboat, skippered or crewed yacht charter and whether you would require any additional services during your charter holiday.

Please keep in mind that the standard charter period lasts from Saturday to Saturday, especially in high season. This means that (in most cases) it will be required from you to embark and disembark on Saturday. However, it is possible to make an exception on certain occasions, particularly in pre-season and post-season.

The more information you provide in your inquiry, the more detailed and suitable charter offer we can provide. Also, if you are interested in chartering a particular yacht model and you cannot find it on our website, please feel free to send us an inquiry via contact form with the description of the desired boat model.Once you fill in the booking form, you will receive a reply to your inquiry within 24 hours on working days, containing a number of available yacht models suited to your request, corresponding charter prices and other relevant information.

Charter prices stated in our offer may differ from the ones on our website because the online prices do not include any discounts. The most common discounts are the following ones:

5 – 20% for early bookings, 3- 5% discount for multiweek charters, repeated clients or boat show and up to 30% discount for last minute offers.

The availability of the yachts is subject to changes due to high demand, especially once the season starts so we cannot guarantee that the yachts quoted in the offer will be available after a certain period of time.Changes in the availability of the boats may occur in a short time span which is why your prompt reply would be highly appreciated.

Once you find a yacht you would like to book for your upcoming holiday in Croatia, you can proceed with the booking procedure right away or you can put an “option” on the yacht. The latter means that the boat will be put on hold for a few days or in another words, no other party can book the particular yacht during that time period.

Many clients find this option very convenient since it gives them enough time to really think it through and arrange all the other travel details such as purchasing flight tickets, organizing transfers and so on. On the other hand, it is important to know that the existing option on a certain yacht is valid only for a few days.

The last step is the booking confirmation, that is, once you confirm your reservation of the yacht, you will receive a Charter Contract and Charter Terms and Conditions. Both documents should be signed and returned to us within time frame indicated in the Contract together with the copy of the down payment.

Once we receive signed contract and advance payment, your booking is confirmed. Please note that the rest of the payment should be settled according to the payment conditions stated in the Charter Contract, that is, 1 to 2 months prior to the embarkation.For charter reservations confirmed within 30 days of departure, the whole charter fee should be settled at once.

Once a full charter payment is completed, you will receive a Boarding Pass along with all the relevant information regarding the embarkation.nt

Our company offers payment via  bank transfer. Our company encourages payment with bank transfer as you are not entitled to pay fee and your payment is secured and safe as our company is a member of Generali Insurance company. Generali Insurance – To make sure that your payments are safe and that you will get the boat that you paid, we can provide you with Generali payment insurance. That means in case of bankruptcy of Val-E Yachting Company, you will get whole amount of your payment back from Generali insurance company. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all additional information.

The charter fee includes charter of a yacht with its equipment and full insurance for the yacht and crew during the charter period. Harbour dues out of domicile marina, fuel expenses, skipper, hostess and other extra services are not included in the charter fee.
The chartered yacht with complete equipment can be used only after the payment was regularly settled:

  • 30-50% of the charter fee (down payment) upon booking
  • 50-70% of the charter fee four weeks before commencement of the charter.

In order that the booking becomes final, the Charterer undertakes to pay down payment on account of Charteree within the time period of 5 days since Charter Contract or invoice is sent to the Charterer.
The charter fee includes the usage of the yacht during charter period. In starting marina Charterer will pay for all extra requested services (skipper, hostess, transport, jet-ski, windsurf, etc.), transit log and final cleaning.

In order to charter a yacht, every charter company in Croatia will require a security deposit when chartering a yacht. If you cause damage you are responsible to the amount of security deposit and if your damage is less, upon disembarkation the rest will be returned to your account. You can always secure your security deposit with an insurance company and pay a damage waiver which is usually about 10 % from the value of security deposit.  In both cases, if there is damage, the client is liable up to the amount of the deposit.Damage Waiver Insurance covers the charter and owner of the vessel from any loss or damage to the vessel. Mostly the Damage waiver insurance is compulsory, but sometimes it is an optional to reduce insurance excesses from the total of security deposit.This insurance does not cover:• Personal injury or property (for the charter or guests)• 3rd party damage (marinas, berths, beacons, environmental)• Not all cover groundings or lines wrapped around the props (other – be sure to ready your policy)• Cancellation (weather or otherwise) – Damage waiver insurance cover varies between vessels and operators (please read your policy)

APA stands for Advanced Provisioning Allowance. How exactly it works and why it exists may seem confusing. With this in mind, Val Experience Yachting team thought it would be a good idea to explain it a bit more, so here goes!

When chartering a yacht, the charter fee generally only covers the rental cost of the yacht, and any crew that come with it. So how do you pay for fuel or provisions for your trip? This is where APA comes in. It is an additional fee which will cover all these extras, such as food, drink, fuel, berthing costs, customs, communications… APA is the standard system to pay your expenses on a luxury yacht charter. The APA essentially creates a bank account for the Captain (and chef) on the yacht to provision on your behalf.

APA is generally calculated as a percentage of the charter fee, which you then pay in addition, before the charter commences. The broker or the captain will use this allowance to stock the boat, and fuel up. Any left over money will be returned to the client, at the end of the charter. Whilst on board, the captain will be in charge of the APA and has to keep any receipts necessary, as record for you, the client. He/she should also keep you updated as the charter progresses, of how much is being spent, and anything else you need to be aware of. How much is APA?

The amount varies from yacht to yacht, but is generally between 30% and 40% of the yacht charter fee. For example, it will be higher if the yacht has a higher fuel consumption, if you plan on doing lots of travelling, if you order the finest and most expensive brands of champagne, wines etc…

An all inclusive trip is specific about your personal choice, in advance, whatever you would like to have on the yacht in All Inclusive we can calculate exact amount of your travel per week.If you will be staying longer than a week, it is better to choose APA, and travel without worrying how much you will pay and how much it will cost.

Therefore if you want the best champagne and the rarest selection of cigars, wine and the finest of meats, caviar etc.. you must order it before sailing trip and pay for it in advance. The broker and the yacht crew will happily source and select all provisions on your behalf, they need the funds in order to do so.

Our professional and dedicated crew will look after your every need, so you won’t need to lift a finger, as you’ll be too busy relaxing, unwinding and having fun! Discover what makes our all-inclusive yacht charter vacation a uniquely different experience.

The Charteree is obligated to hand-over at Charterer’s disposal completely equipped, faultless, clean and dry yacht with full fuel and water tanks in the agreed time and place with all valid documents of the yacht needed for rental. If there is any reason that Charteree didn’t fulfil above-mentioned conditions Charterer has right to ask for money refund, for the days he has not been using the yacht. Also if the Charteree cannot place the yacht at disposal at the agreed place 4 hours after the expiry of the time period for the takeover, or provide another, at least identical or better characteristics, the Charterer has to right to give up the contract and demand the total amount of the charter fee or demand the amount for as many days as he could have not disposed of the yacht. The Charterer could demand only the amount of the charter fee; any other rights to indemnification are excluded. In case of damage or defect on the yacht or its equipment caused by the normal natural yacht consumption the Charterer is obligated to inform the Charteree immediately. The Charteree is obligated to remove the damage upon notification. If the Charteree removes the damage within 24 (twenty-four) hours, the Charterer has no right to require any reimbursement.
The insurance is determined by the terms defined by the insurer with which yacht is insured. The yacht is insured against third person damages and fully insured for all the damages resulting from force majored up to the registered amount of the value of the yachts for the risks according to the insurance policy. The yacht crew is insured. The terms under which the yacht is insured form are integral part of this Contract and shall be delivered to the Charterer when taking over the yacht.In case of some bigger averages, as well as of those where the other boats are involved, the Charterer is obliged to report immediately the case to the authorized harbour-master’s office and record in a protocol (the course of events, estimation of a damage) for the insurance company. The Charterer is also obliged to report the Chareteree’s office. The damage covered by insurance and in accordance with insurance policy, which has not been reported to Charteree without deferral, shall not be acknowledged.In case stated in the previous paragraph, the Charterer is personally liable for all the damages as the result of not reporting or late damage reporting.If damage occurs during the cruise and Charterer is not to be charged (due to normal exhaustion or in case of overdraft of the guarantee sum) he must receive permission (instruction), from the Charteree for an adequate repair. Insurance covers all the damages by franchise caused by weather or from the other natural disasters, but not the damages made on purpose. Charges for purpose made damages are not limited by deposit; Charterer must pay all expenses caused by damage made on purpose.The damages on the sails and on the engine caused by the oil deficiency in the motor are not covered by insurance. Charterer bears the charges for these damages.The personal belongings are not covered by the insurance.
The security deposit has to be made in starting marina by the Charterer when taking over of the yacht. Security deposit can be made in cash, cheques or credit cards. The security deposit shall be refunded in its full amount unless the existence of damage or a defect on the yacht or the equipment is found during the takeover of the yacht, and unless there are no claims field or announced regarding the Charterer by third persons, that are connected to the usage of the yacht. In case of loss of or damage on the equipment, particular parts of the yacht or the yacht itself, Charteree shall retain the amount (a part or the whole deposit), which corresponds to the value of repair, acquisition and / or purchasing the equipment or particular part of the yacht. In case the caused damage has the consequence that yacht cannot be further chartered, Charteree has the right to retain the amount corresponding to the loss of profit.
The Charterer will take over the yacht in agreed time and place. When taking over the yacht, the Charterer is obliged to check and carefully examine the condition of the yacht and its equipment according to the inventory list. Any possible objections have to be made until the start of navigation. The possible covered defects on the yacht or its equipment, which couldn’t be known to the Charterer at the moment of takeover, as well as defects which could arise after the takeover, do not give right to the Charterer to reduce the charter fee. If the Charterer fails to takeover the yacht within 48 hours, the Charteree is authorized to give up the contract. The Charteree reserve the right not to hand over the yacht if in the judgment of their representatives the Charterer is not competent for any reason to operate the yacht, or to give the instructions on the Charterer’s expense.

For the damage caused by actions and failure of the Charterer for which Charteree is liable to the third party the Charterer is obligated to settle the damages to Charteree in their entirety, whether it is the case of material and / or legal expenses that resulted from such actions and failures.

The Charterer is explicitly liable for the yacht in case any official body confiscates it, due to inappropriate and illegal actions undertaken during the usage of the yacht within the period for period, which it was chartered.

Charterer is obliged to pay all charges for failures made himself, for which Charteree has criminal and financial responsibility. Charterer is responsible for yacht taking away by foreign state authorities because of illegal actions. In the case of damage or accident Charterer is obliged to write down a suitable report and to inform authorised bodies (harbour headquarters, police, doctors) and the Charteree in case of disappearance of the yacht, impossibility of operating the yacht, as well in case of state organs or third persons sizing or confiscating the yacht or imposing measures of sailing prohibition.

The Charterer shall not leave the port or the anchorage until the damage is eliminated from any vital part of the yacht, such as motor, set of sails, ropes, bilge pump(s), anchor winch, navigation lights, mariner’s compass, safety equipment and similar or if any of the mentioned devices is not in working order.
The Charterer shall not leave the port or the anchorage without sufficient fuel supply and when weather conditions or condition of the yacht or his crew are unsafe or uncertain in general.

After taking possession of the yacht, the Charterer shall bear on his own account all coast of the daily berth in the port, or in marina, coast of fuel, oil, water, cleaning and all other necessities, as well as eliminating all damages and defects, which can appear while the yacht is under charterer’s responsibility and which are not results of normal natural yacht consumption, provided the Charterer has previously reached an agreement with Charteree regarding technical justifiability of the repairs that are to be made. The Charterer is obliged to sail with in the Croatian territorial waters. For leaving Croatian territorial water the Charterer is obligated to ask the Charteree a special permission and certificate. The Charterer undertakes to respect custom and other regulations and rules, to take care of the yacht and its equipment and navigate it carefully and according to the rules of a good navigator and sail only during safe weather conditions and good visibility. The Charterer, or skipper, declares undoubtedly that he disposes of all necessary navigational skills and that he possesses the valid license necessary for the navigation at the open sea and the radiophone certificate, which have to be presented to the Charteree. The Charterer undertakes and states that he shall not sub charter the yacht or rented it to the third person, that he shall not participate in regattas nor yacht races, that he shall not use the yacht in commercial purposes, professional or night fishing, sailing school or similar, that he shall not operate the yacht under influence of alcohol or narcotics, that he shall not be involved in towing of another yacht, that he shall not violate the public rules, orders and laws that he shall not sail at night by unsafe weather. Number of persons aboard is to correspond to the crew list. The Charterer assumes the responsibility for the consequences of non-observance to his obligations. In case of accident or damage the yacht or its equipment during the trip, the Charterer is obliged to inform the Charteree without deferral. The telephone numbers, which can be used for notifying the Charteree, are shown in the yacht documents. The Charterer is obliged to notify the Charteree and the authorities in case the yacht or equipment is missing, if the further navigation is not possible or in case yacht was dispossessed of, prized or if further navigation was prohibited by state authorities or third parties. If the Charterer fails to hold on his obligations he is considered fully responsible for all the consequences for the Charteree and he guarantees for them. The keeping of pets (dogs, cats, birds and similar) on the yacht is not allowed, unless a previous agreement was reached in that regard. The Charterer is obliged to check daily oil level in the engine and take care of sails because they are not insured.

Only written complaints, signed by both parties on the occasion of return of the yacht will be taken into consideration.

Charterer is obliged to return the yacht in agreed time and place tidied without the crew and their personal luggage.In that time is including the physical take over lasting for an hour. The yacht should be returned with full fuel tank.If the disembarkation is not possible at the stated time and place for any reason, the Charteree must be informed in order to give further instructions. The Charterer bears all the charges of the Charteree that result from the overdue caused by bad weather.Therefore, it is recommended to return the yacht in the marina the night before the Charter contract termination date. If the returning of the yacht is later that stated in this Charter contract, the Charterer shall settle:for the delay up to three hours – one day rental feefor the delay of more than three hours – triple daily rental fee plus all other expenses.Delay can’t be justified by bad weather conditions.The Charterer is obliged to report the founded defect and damages, if any. The damages of the underwater part are subject to the inspection of the yacht (its lifting) for which the Charterer bears the expenses. The Charterer is responsible to return the all documents of the yacht (permit, registration, concession etc.) as well as other supplements from the ship’s papers file (list of harbour’s master’s offices and similar). Until the moment yacht is regularly checked out it is consider used by the Charterer.
ll the possible disagreements or disputes arising from/or in connection with Charter party will be tried to settle by peaceful agreement and consensually.Eventual cases, which cannot be solved peacefully, will be under court’s jurisdiction in the Charteree’s residence.

The price in our official price list includes seven days aboard our yacht, whose specifications are provided upon booking. All yachts are equipped with autopilot, GPS & charter plotter, tridata and wind speed indicator, electric windlass, VHF station, heating system, 220V shore power supply and battery charger, radio and MP3 or CD player, speakers in saloon and cockpit, warm water supply in the heads and galley, dinghy and outboard engine, and bimini tent. All yachts are equipped with a spray hood.

For detailed specification on each yacht, contac us.

Before confirming a reservation for a bareboat charter, clients are required to send us a copy of their skipper certificate, which should also include their VHF operator’s license, as proof of their ability to operate the vessel.

At check-in in charter office skipper is well informed about well-organized network of technical support throughout the Adriatic region, so tehnical problems can be solved asap. Usually, there s a timeframe of 24 hours under the general charter terms to resolve the technical issue, not caused by the skipper..

You have decided to spend your holidays on a vessel. Now you must decide on the size of the yacht you would like to book. Here are a few questions that will help you find your optimal size:

* who would you like to invite to spend your holidays with on a boat?

* would you mind if some of you have to use a berth(s) in the saloon, which is usually common living space on a boat?

* would you like an owner version of a vessel, where one cabin is a master cabin? This is perfect for couples or a family vacation.

* if you are not experienced skipper or do not have a skipper’s license or experience, you must take a skipper on board. When there is a skipper/hostess or other crew member, you must provide them with a crew cabin.

*Vessels have their size included in their brand name. Size is given in feet; 1 foot = 30.48 centimeters. The mooring fee is assessed according to size, the longer the yacht, the higher the fee, except for catamarans where extra charge is added for the width. So would you like a smaller yacht? would you like to charter a yacht or a catamaran?

We hope this questionnaire has helped you make a decision.

After you have confirmed a reservation by e-mail or in person, the lease contract and a general charter terms contract that must be signed by you. Next, you must make the advance payment in the amount of 50% of the charter price. The deadline for payment is 7 days from the day when the Lease Contract and the General Charter Terms contract are signed. If advance payment is not paid within 7 days, the reservation is considered cancelled with no monetary obligations. You are, of course, welcome to book again at any time without any consequences.

When the advance payment is paid, the reservation is completed. The balance of the payment, or the second payment of 50%, is due four weeks before the charter begins.

If you cancel the charter for any reason after booking confirmation, we will keep:

– 10 % of the total amount for cancellation after booking confirmation (non-refundable)

– 40 % of the total amount for cancellation between 60-30 days before the charter period

– 100 % of the total amount for cancellation between 30-0 days before the charter period

An outboard engine and dinghy are included when chartering all our vessels, either as a bareboat or crewed charter. No extra fee is paid at check-in.

Pets are welcome on our yachts. The extra fee for a pet on board is 50 EUR or 390 HRK, payable at check-in.

*subject to our approval in advance

Every year, the Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transfer and Infrastructure updates the list of certificates issued by the competent authorities of other states that have concluded a bilateral memorandum of understanding with Croatia, and that are recognized for operating Croatian-flagged boats and yachts.

If you are not sure about of the validity of your certificate, please check if it is listed here.

If your license is not on the list, please contact you ministry or authority in charge of issuing certificates, and ask them to contact the Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure at [email protected] to start the process of skipper license recognition.

If you would like to take the exam to obtain a skipper’s license in Croatia, contct us.

If you have decided to book a professional skipper, here is some information on what you can expect:

Most of the skippers are fluent in English. To book a skipper who speaks German, French, Italian, Spanish or other language, you specify your request when booking.

The price for a skipper is 1225 or 1365 EUR/week + meals, depending on the size of the yacht. You will be responsible for providing the skipper’s daily meals: breakfast, lunch and diner.

If you are interested to book a skipper, please note that you need to count one cabin extra for the skipper. We also have in our fleet yachts that already have skipper cabin.

The skipper is responsible for the yacht and for your safety. She/he will do everything to satisfy your holiday plans without causing any harm to you or the boat by monitoring the current weather conditions. Upon boarding your yacht, the skipper will sit with you to acquaint you with the yacht, equipment, the safety protocols and your destinations.

Together you will confirm the itinerary and off you go! The beauty of spending your holiday aboard one of our yachts is that no itinerary is fixed, you can change your itinerary, or spend each night in a different port, bay or island. A yacht charter is a true freedom!

You have a skipper’s licence and you would like to book a bareboat charter. However, you and your crew would like a bit of extra help aboard. Why not make your holiday even more carefree:

Book a hostess/deck help for 1085 EUR/week + meals. She/he will help you and your crew to maintain the boat, keep the cabins nice and tidy, help you with mooring at marinas, do the provisioning, and prepare a delicious breakfast or light lunch or dinner.

Book a chef aboard for 1365 EUR/week + meals. If you would like to experience a Mediterranean way of life aboard your yacht through your taste buds, book a chef to cook delicious meals on board.

Meals means that you will cover their daily meals: breakfast, lunch and diner.

In Croatia there are approximately 40 marinas, 21 of which are members of the Adriatic Croatia International Club

Please check the current prices at www.aci-club.hr for most Croatian marinas, or for private marinas, please check their web sites.

The Croatian tourist tax is official tax that must be paid by each visitor on holiday in Croatia. It is a one time payment of 8 kunas/person/day (approximately 1.15 EUR/person/day) made in advance of embarkation (usually at check-in).

Children under 12 years of age and disable persons are exempt from the tourist tax.

If the Charterer for any reason is unable to take the possession of the yacht, he can, if previously agreed with the Charteree, find another person who shall instead of him undertake all rights and obligations deriving from this Contract. If a substitution for the Charterer can not be found Charteree shall retain:

  • 30% of the amount of charter fee for cancellation up to 2 (two) months before the charter starting date
  • 50% of the amount of charter fee for cancellation up to 1 (one) month before the charter starting date
  • Total amount of the charter fee for cancellation within the last month before the charter starting date

If cancellation is due to objective reasons (death of family member, heavy injury, or other) the accepted deposit shall not be paid back, but the Chartereer will give the yacht to the Charterer at his disposal for another free period of time or within another season.

The Dalmatian coast and islands have a Mediterranean type of climate with mild winters and hot, sunny summers, sometimes interrupted by thundery rain showers. During the months of July and August it can be very hot (36 degrees or more).

Sea surface temperature is measured by a network of sensors located at the coast and the islands. Measurements are performed by non-professional observers (and by professional observers at the main meteorological stations) according to MHS Marine Meteorological Department guidelines. Observation logs are forwarded by mail at the end of each month. Data is entered into the computer, checked and stored. At certain locations a sea temperature sensor has been added to automatic meteorological stations. It continually measures sea temperature. The average sea temperature from June to late September is 22 – 26 °C / 72-80 °F.

You can check current measurements at www.meteo.hr/en Sea Temperatures

The Dalmatian coast and islands have a Mediterranean type of climate with mild winters and hot, sunny summers, sometimes interrupted by thundery rain showers. During the months of July and August it can be very hot (38 degrees or more). June and September are best months if you prefer to avoid excessive heat, and on the Dalmatian Coast May and October as well. More on the weather in Croatia can be found at www.meteo.hr and weather forecast for the Adriatic.

Croatian winds can be characterized as being light to moderate from September to June with occasional storms, while July and August are generally calm with more frequent storms. During periods of high pressure, the Adriatic displays the classic rhythms of winds from the sea during the day and winds from land during the night.

The bora (bura) and sirocco (siroko) are the most characteristic winds of the Adriatic and are largely responsible for weather patterns. They mainly blow from October to April. The maestral, blowing from the sea, and the burin, blowing from the mainland, are most common in the summer months.
Every morning we send weather report issued by the marine meteorological center in Split via text message to the yacht. Weather reports are broadcast several times a day on the yacht’s VHF station.

Weather reports are broadcast on these channels at the following times (UTC):

Rijeka Radio VHF (channel 24):
0535, 1435, 1935

Split Radio VHF (channels 07, 21, 23, 28):
0545, 1245, 1945

Dubrovnik Radio VHF (channels 04, 07):
0625, 1320, 2120

If you feel like the Croatian coast is not enough for you and your crew to enjoy and you would like to visit more, you can make a request to sail to Montenegro or Italy upon booking since we will need to provide you with extra boat documents. Also, intinerary can wary depending on weater conditions.

If you would like to start in one port and finish in another, we have the solution for you. You can choose from two starting or ending ports: Marina Kaštela /Split, and ACI Marina Miho Pracat/Dubrovnik. The extra fees for one ways are:

380 EUR for monohulls smaller that 40ft

480 EUR for 40 – 60 foot monohulls

580 EUR for up to 48-foot catamarans

800 EUR for catamarans longer than 48 feet

For offers, please contact us.

If you are not participating in any regattas or flotillas at check-in you can contract the deposit insurance in our office prior to embarkation.

The cost of the deposit insurance depends on the size of vessel, from 175 EUR up o 250 EUR. The deposit insurance fee consists of a non refundable amount, payable only by credit card and refundable deposit amounting to 100 EUR or 750 HRK. The non-refundable payment is made on-line with the owner of the credit card present. It does not have to be paid by a credit card owned by the skipper.

The refundable amount 100 EUR or 750 HRK is refunded when the client returns the vessel undamaged. If there are any damages, the 100 EUR or 750 HRK is kept.

For a more detailed offer of the deposit insurance, make sure to say that you would like deposit insurance when booking of the yacht.

The crews aboard our Lagoon 77, Sunreef 60, Lagoon 620, Lagoon 560 S2 and Bali 5.4., are educated and highly experienced professionals. To make the transition to new client easier for the client and the crew, it is important for you to take time and fill out our preference sheet. We will gain valuable information about you interest, diet, habits and holiday expectiations.

Yes, when booking our yacht with the Comfort Package (preparation of the yacht) you get bed linen and two towels per person. When chartering for two or more weeks, you get double sets of bed linen and towels, if requested, free of charge.

We are located in the heart of Europe on the beautiful Adriatic coast. Croatia became a member of the European Unionin in 2013. It is a country of 1,185 islands, islets and reefs, mostly uninhabited and preserved, perfect for sailing holidays. Some of the best-known resort towns along the Dalmatian coast are Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Sibenik, Poreč and Trogir. All of them are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Over the past few years, Croatia has become more interesting to tourists and sailors worldwide, mostly due to more than 1000 islands and islets which make this area an ideal sailing destination with all its cultural and natural diversity – UNESCO-protected sites such as Dubrovnik, Trogir or Split, the Renaissance architecture of Hvar or Korcula, typical unspoiled Dalmatian villages on islands Vis or Brac, natural park on Mljet island…these sites make only few highlights on your sailing itinerary.

Ideal position on the east coast of the Adriatic makes Croatia a country easy to reach by boat, plane, train or car (within driving distance from most European countries such as Austria, Italy, Germany or France). Come and sail with us!


The official currency in Croatia is the kuna [HRK]**.

Foreign currencies can be exchanged in exchange offices, banks, post offices, most marinas, tourist agencies and hotels.
Check for the official exchange rate: www.hnb.hr

All major credit cards (VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Diners) are accepted in shops and most restaurants.

** Story of KUNA (English: Marten) : In early times, marten skin were used as unit of trade. In 1256, marten was shown for the first time on a Croatian coin.