All Inclusive Catamaran

Explore Adriatic sea on a Catamaran

Discover the advantages of Catamarans in Croatia with Artisans of Yachting. Embark on a journey like no other with our All-Inclusive Catamaran service. When it comes to exploring the stunning Croatian coastline, nothing surpasses the unparalleled stability and comfort of sailing aboard on a catamaran, and here’s why…

Stability Redefined

Catamarans offer inherent stability, making them ideal for families with young children or seniors seeking a steady voyage. Unlike monohulls, catamarans minimize the effects of wave action, providing a smooth sailing experience.

Enhanced Comfort at Sea

Say goodbye to seasickness! The minimal motion of catamarans ensures a comfortable journey for all passengers. Enjoy hassle-free cooking both underway and at anchor, thanks to the stability of catamarans.

Spacious Living Areas

Our catamarans boats with expansive main salons, galleys, and cockpits, provide enough room for relaxation and socializing. Experience superior privacy and comfort with spacious cabins and separate living spaces, perfect for families and groups.

Accessible Beachfront Exploration

With their shallow draft, catamarans allow you to anchor closer to the Croatian shore, unlocking secluded beach destinations inaccessible to sailing boats.

Unrivaled Visibility and Convenience

Navigate with confidence from our raised or flybridge helms, offering unmatched visibility of Croatia’s mesmerizing landscapes. Enjoy seamless movement onboard, as our catamarans feature level galley, salon, and cockpit areas above the waterline.

Effortless Sailing and Safety

Catamarans offer ease of handling and docking, equipped with dual motors and rudders for enhanced maneuverability. Experience peace of mind with the buoyant design of catamarans, ensuring safety even in unforeseen circumstances.

Speed and Relaxation Combined

Enjoy exhilarating speeds on downwind runs, reaches, and broad reaches, making your journey both thrilling and efficient. Relax and unwind on our spacious trampoline decks, perfect for sunbathing, stargazing, and creating unforgettable memories.

Discover the ultimate sailing adventure in Croatia with Artisans of Yachting. Book your All-Inclusive Catamaran voyage today and embark on a journey of luxury, comfort, and unmatched beauty along the Adriatic coast.

All Inclusive Catamaran service includes

All inclusive CATAMARAN

  • Boat
  • Skipper Fee
  • Charter fee (tourist tax, bedlinen, towels, WiFi)
  • Food (Artisans of Food start sailing box)
  • Hostess Fee
  • Berts
  • Fuel
  • Deposit
  • Airport Transfer
  • Additional Equipment (SUP, sea bob, fishing gear, etc.)