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Sailing Adriatic sea

All Inclusive Plus experience


All Inclusive Plus sailing package can be your option if you want to make the most of your time without waiting in Marina (charter), clearing paperwork and paying extra cost of sailing in charter office. Val Experience yachting crew will do it for you, without extra costs. It’s only up to communicate your arrival in and to be there on time. The skipper will handle all administrative work for your safe departure from the port. Consider that Croatia has become the 2nd country in the world by the number of charter companies. This information is important since mostly everyone sails off at the same day, so waiting can be quite frustrating.

In order to provide you with the best holiday experience the greatest attention is paid to the selection of the skippers. Apart from professionalism and know how engaged are only the highly motivated and easy going individuals with a friendly personality and a good knowledge of the history and geography of the sailing area. Skipper is the person on who your sailing vacation depends the most. If you are worried would you get along whit your captain during week we can make it easier for you. Tell us what type will suits you best.


Approach where the skipper demands the crew do as they say because they are in charge. Skipper who knows it all. This kind of skipper knows his boat the best, he will firstly explain you how to help, than correct you and in the end come and fix that. Want a quiet and calm bay, party night or dinner at best restaurant? He knows them all!


These are skippers that will attract great crew and inspire them to achieve great results. Where this skipper is, there is plenty of joke, laughter and fun. He will always find entertainment for your kids and then go back to amuse the adults.


Skipper doesn’t speak too much and is only interested in following the route. If you have any questions he will know answers but he will not entertain you without asking first. Perfect for guests who seeks for peace and complete privacy on board.

Female captain

If you are group of ladies on boat and want to keep it between girls, or family with kids that are more comfortable in front of the lady or just guys who would like to brag with best looking skipper in Croatia, we have a solution for you. Usually people are surprised when they see female skipper but strength, knowledge and skills that females have to handle situations easily make you wonder why there is not more of them.

All of them enjoy sailing and be sure they will try to get as much wind as possible in sails to make your vacation truly sailing experience. You would like combination of all personalities listed above? Just tell us your wishes and we’ll do everything it takes to offer you a skipper that suits you and your company on board the best.

All Inclusive Plus package includes

All inclusive plus

  • Boat
  • Skipper Fee
  • Hostess Fee
  • Food
  • Charter fee (tourist tax, bedlinen, towels, WiFi)
  • Berts
  • Fuel
  • Deposit
  • Airport Transfer
  • Additional Equipment