Gastro sailing tours

All Inclusive Gastro Sailing Tours

For the ultimate gastro sailing tour, pick a preferred catamaran, sailing boat or a yacht and enjoy your time tasting Croatian cuisine. Professional captain, hostess/chef in spacious accommodations and your premium boating experience.

If you are gourmand all year around, don’t stop while on vacation, Artisans of food & Yachting team blends the comfort of luxury vacations with the spirit of adventure travel and full board for the whole time of staying. 

With All Inclusive Gastro sailing tour service powered by Artisans of food, you get to feel pure taste of Croatia. Sit back and relax, our crew will make everything so you can fully enjoy vacation sailing in Croatia..

You will avoid walking to the shop and bringing all that back to the boat during hot sunny day. Let us give you the chance to simply relax and soak up the sun and enjoy best Croatian authentic food you can get. 

You can pick your package and start your vacations without any worry about food and drink. Our team is there to handle provisioning and check the accommodation facilities. Hostesses usually serve breakfast and lunch, along with refreshment drinks during the day and an afternoon snack. 

Have in mind that dinners while sailing can be done on board but most guest eat off board. We have propositions for undiscovered or most visited local farms where you can try local autentic food like lamb under the bell (peka), sea food and other well known Croatian specialties.


All Inclusive Gastro package includes

Artisans of yachting

All inclusive gastro

  • Boat
  • Skipper Fee
  • Hostess Fee
  • Provisioning (Artisans of food)
  • Charter fee (tourist tax, bedlinen, towels, WiFi)
  • Berts
  • Fuel
  • Deposit
  • Airport Transfer
  • Additional Equipment (SUP, Water toys)

Why Artisans of food?

Artisans of food is company that work with the best suppliers and acquire top quality local groceries. Exclusively local and organic daily fresh ingredients arrive directly on board. Everything is served in the Croatian traditional way so you will enjoy authentic food all week during your vacation. Artisans of food will allow you to use all your precious time to relax and fully enjoy the charms of yachting.

Artisans of food
Artisans of food