Zadar region

out of 8 national parks in Croatia.

The region of North Dalmatia comprises the Zadar hinterland (a lowland Ravni Kotari), coastal strip and numerous islands of the Zadar archipelago. This region is a favourite sailing ground, due to particularly indented coast, many islands and favourable winds. This is the regon with the largest concentration of marinas.

Taking over an area of 600 square kilometres, from big islands such as Dugi otok (Long Island) which is about 50 kilometres in length to those, you walk across in half an hour such as Ošljak or the Franciscan Školjić.
Pag and Vir are connected to the mainland by a bridge, Ugljan and Pašman are islands connected by a bridge.
They are picturesque and diverse, from the 150-metre cliffs created by the striking of the waves to gentle kilometre-long coves. 

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