The islands, over 1,000 of them, are the real selling point—they’re unique in the world. The coastline is relatively unspoiled and has the feel of the French Riviera in the 50s or 60s. It’s still possible to find quiet anchorages, even at the height of the season. With a magnificent coastline, clear waters and splendid beaches, Croatia lures increasing numbers of visitors for sailing vacations each year.

Photo by Oliver Sjöström

Weather conditions

Weather is usually fantastic, with beautiful sunny days. While the sea starts off pretty cold, it gets warm by early July and is at its warmest in late August.


Prices of sailing trips are very reasonable – groups of up to 12 people could charter a small, 40-to-50-foot day boat for €2,500 per day to explore the island.


The food throughout Croatia is fabulous—lots of fresh fish and Mediterranean flavors, making the most of all the local ingredients. Every region has its specialities and for great food I wouldn’t say one stands out more than the others.