The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all segments of our life, as well as our traveling plans. Summer of 2020 is almost here and we are all wondering how long will coronavirus be a part of our lives and are trying to get used to „new normal“.

Summer in Croatia

Croatian tourism Minister Gari Cappelli suggest any restart of the summer season will prioritize activities light on interaction, predisposed to social-distancing. Adventage in this situation are activities on wide-open spaces. Boats, campsites and vacation homes at the top of the list and that makes us very excited.

Plans are already in the works since Prime Minister Andrej Plenković’s government introduced measures targeting catering and tourism and establishing free movement within Croatia.

Chances are high that the water sports season in Croatia will start in May. It would probably be difficult to arrange opening of hotels and apartments for guests, but not of marinas. Main reason for the early opening is primarily due to the positive development of the coronavirus situation in Croatia.

Current Coronavirus Statistics Croatia


As of May 12th, the head of the Institute of Emergency Medicine Maja Grba Bujević confirmed 9 newly infected persons within the last 24 hours, meaning that 2196 persons in Croatia tested positive for coronavirus. A total of 91 people have died as a result of the virus throughout Croatia and 1784 of them are cured.

Coronavirus doesn’t have to ruin your sailing vacation

The strict measures taken by the Croatian authorities to control the spreading of the virus are showing great results and we are hoping to return to normal lives. Meanwhile, we will keep you updated with the situation regarding  coronavirus in Croatia. Feel free to contact us for any informations and questions.