Flotilla party

Our fleet of power boats, sailboats, catamarans, yachts, fishing boats, and party vessels offer nearly infinite options for your special occasion.  Grab a group of your friends and spend a week on a party boat in Croatia. Visit exclusive destinations and party on world famous beaches and bars.

Enjoy 7 days island hopping where you can play in the surf, jet ski and kayak.Take a tour of middle Adriatic  or visit one of the sandbars for a party on the water. Part of the Flotilla experience is meeting up with the Flotilla at agreed destinations for dinner, punch parties, beach picnics and to take part in regattas and other social events.

 Many Flotilla enthusiasts say that this is what makes a Flotilla trip so special – meeting people with similar interests and sharing the excitement of discovering new sailing areas together.

You can also go off on your own and have some time to yourself whenever you want to, you just need to let the lead crew know.


  • exciting intinerary
  • equipment
  • meals
  • profesional skipper guidance
  • additional activities
  • sailing lessons
  • special wishes on demand​